Clémentine March

Born in France, and musically trained in Brazil, Londoner Clémentine March writes songs and instrumentals that cross language and genre borders, mashing raw rock sounds, pastoral pop compositions and Brazilian influences with her experience of playing with, to name a few excellent co-conspirators, Snapped Ankles, Julien Gasc, Mega Bog, Pollyanna Valentine, and her own previous band, Water Babies. Clémentine brings a sense of energy and unsettling chordal experimentation to her classical and Latin sensibility, inherited from immersion in the more discordant sounds of alt-rock (Pavement, the Raincoats, Galaxie 500, the Beatles’ White Album) and avant-garde jazz (Sun Ra). Her debut EP, ‘Les Etoiles à Ma Porte’, is released on the 2nd of June, produced by none other than the adroit talent of Syd Kemp, an EP that sings exquisite songs of time travel, imaginary landscapes and real relationships.