Cosi e Cosi


Così e Così, a solo/collaborative, recording/performative, multi-disciplinary/musical project of the elusive Vincent Ferrari. Circa Fall 2013 and currently based in Montreal, they released 4 albums in 2014 making up the #SelfExit2014 series. Così e Così is also co-founder of Montreal-based entity No Exist.
Identity and/or lack thereof, an exploration of feminine beauty from within deep rooted persuasive masculinity; the dichotomy between fragility & bravado. Steps through the patterns of being in a universe of impermanence.
Drawing from sound experiments in hazy and distorted noise, Così e Così structures songs together with hypnotic hip-hop beats and hyper-emotive rhymes and wails, creating complicated pop songs with a Rnb drone fetish. Ferrari’s live performance demands an intensity rivalled by few today.
Situated in an anonymous world filled by the spirits of Tarkovsky, Kierkegaard, Ohno, Still, Dostoyevsky, and Kallowitz to distinguish itself as such; ghosts of individuals.