the glucks

The Glücks

the glucks

The Glücks are the savage Bonny & Clyde garagepunk duo from Ostend(BE) unleashing more sparks than a discgrinder.
Slap bang in the middle of a Golden Triangle mapped out by The Cramps, The Stooges and Thee Oh Sees. It’s The Exorcist, garagerock style !

Disgruntled & fed up with the state of their lifeless drug city has led two restless young guns to fall madly in love with one another & start fires all over the place.
Tina bangs the skins and Alek trashes the strings, both ferociously singing & screaming.

Having released 2 Ep’s & just recently a new 7” single [CuCuCu Cool], they’re now lining up their first full album for the firing squads in september !