AIOBAHN - Needy Girl Overdose

Juillet 2022

Side A 1. Boot 2. Approval desire (Desire for Approval) 3. INTERNET OVERDOSE feat.KOTOKO 4. Angel fall down (Angel Falling) 5. Tenshi no Wa no Ue de (Above the Angel's Ring) 6. Angel boring (Angel Stagnating) 7. Tenshi Demo Yokrokonjaimasu (Even Angels Feel Joy) 8. Tenshi Datte Kincho Suru (Even Angels Get Nervous) 9. Angel yamu (Angel Breaking) 10. INTERNET ANGEL 11. Daten (Uninstallin' Angel) 12. Tenshi Dakara Yamimasu (All Angels Break Down) 13. Tenshi wa Kando Suru (Even Angels Get Emotional) Side B 14. Ascension of angel 15. Nisemono no Shiawase Dakedo (Fake Happiness Is Still Happiness) 16. Yappari Tenshi Nante Inakattane (No Salvation, No Angels) 17. Do you love me? 18. INTERNET OVERDOSE (8bit) 19. Angel rests (Angel's Rest) 20. Angel emotion (Angel's Emotions) 21. Angel flight (Angel's Flight) 22. Angel computer (Angel's Virtuality) 23. INTERNET OVERDOSE (inst) (Internet Overdose (instrumental)) The blockbuster PC game soundtrack is coming with the latest analogue records! From the PC game "Needy Girl Overdose", which has sold 300,000 units in just one month since its release in January 2022 and has caught the attention of the Reiwa Internet area, the long-awaited first soundtrack has been sold only digitally. It will be released as a media! The jacket illustration is a new drawing of "Super Ten-chan" with a dot picture finish by Mr. Nenna, who was in charge of the main game graphic! 12-inch analogue record board.

Lp, Album 59,00
Original Soundtrack