Arnaud Rebotini - New Territory


Internationally revered, multi-faceted artist Arnaud Rebotini arrives on Veyl with the new EP, 'New Territory'. While venturing into a wide array of musical genres and sonic realms, the release is still unmistakably Rebotini, fueled by infectious electro-body grooves and hypnotizing vocals. From the utterly addictive, pulse pounding allure of “Special A” to the more industrial techno strains of 'A Noise Rose', Rebotini delivers a myriad of interconnected tracks which traverse fresh auditory landscapes but maintain a common circuitry. The poignant, anthemic lyrics of 'No More Love (No More Hate)' resonates loud and clear while the throbbing, Giallo flaire of 'Italian Sex Drive' sends shivers down the spine. 'The Pale Eastern Christ' injects a haunting atmospheric mood while the title track is irresistible ebmwave that falls perfectly in between the lines for an indelible sound that only the French producer can conjure. Rebotini’s work continues to shatter boundaries and fuse genres while essentially pioneering a category all of his own. 'New Territory' furthers the legend and keeps us begging for more.

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