Autarkic - Autarkic

Mi Octobre 2021

Tracklist: A1. Kar BaGehenom (04:14) A2. Kashe Lanu Meod (04:01) A3. HD (03:33) A4. Haemet (03:16) A5. Vitamin X (02:50) B1. Internet (04:05) B2. Hanitzoz (05:06) B3. Sketch for Mitzi (02:32) B4. Bassim Issue (02:41)


Autarkic (Nadav Spiegel) is known for his impact on the Leftfield/Electronica scene, and on this LP he is taking a turn back to his roots - Songs in Hebrew, guitars, synths and samples wrapped with Lo-fi esthetics that he's recognized with.

lp 23,50