Barry "Epoch" Topping - About That… Paradise Killer B-Sides

fin juillet 2022

Release Notes
  • Limited edition translucent violet 180g vinyl
  • Original original art by José Salot
  • Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge
  • Includes a 12" lyrics sheet
    Black Screen Records and Kaizen Game Works have once again teamed up to release Barry “Epoch” Topping’s new album About That… Paradise Killer B-Sides – featuring three new songs, vocal tracks, instrumental versions, remixes and piano arrangements, and a lot of amazing guests (Fiona Lynch, Kyle Murray-Dickson, Fabian Hernandez, Ged Cartwright, Thomas Temple, MEEBEE and Okumura) – on limited edition translucent violet 180g vinyl with gorgeous cover art by José Salot. Paradise is blinking out of existence but we must not cry. The day has not yet finished. There is still music to be played. Listen to it. Let the warm embrace of luxurious sounds caress you as you stand on the precipice of an abyss too dreadful to imagine. Hold my hand again. Repeat that album. Paradise can last forever if we believe hard enough.
LP, Album violet 42,50