Ben Bondy + Exael - Aphelion Lash

AVRIL 2020 // le distributeur BOOMKAT nous a jamais livré, toutes nos excuses...

Huerco S.’ West Mineral Ltd. yield a split LP from Exael and Ben Bondy floating ambient ideasabout augmented reality and technology powered by organic matter, or Biotech, following up theassymetric lines of Serwed’s debut and the frayed interzones explored by Pontiac Streator and UllaStraussMarking Exael’s return to the label after 2018’s ‘collex’ album, ‘Aphelion Lash’ brings the sympatheticsoul of Ben Bondy into the fold for a sensitively dreamy album oscillating the pair’s work in soloand collaborative forms. Using barely-there, liminal traces of electronics arranged in laminalflows, the pair arrive at illusive conclusions across eight tracks comparable to a more worn-outtake on Torsten Pröfrock’s T++/Dynamo/Traktor mechanics, or indeed the fleeting, thizzing timbresof Ghostride The Drift, aka the trio helmed by Exael with Huerco S. And uon.Operating at a point of dematerialised compositional control where the layers of desiccatedrhythm and pads appear to operate interdependent of each other, the album blooms and wilts incycles of etheric harmony and scratchy, amorphous rhythms that unfold with only the slightestpresence of human input.Like the Serwed album of generative oddities before it, the sound of ‘Aphelion Lash’ craftilyemulates a posthuman sort of nature, but like all the material on West Mineral Ltd., that elusivepathos or ghost in the machine spirit is key to the album’s appeal, and by the end of its courseit’s practically impossible to tell who is behind each cut, as the artists dissolve into ambientcompounds on its collaborative highlights, the dreamily diffracted slosh of ‘Aphelion Lash’, and thesupremely blunted, Spectre-style illbient ‘90s hip hop crush of ’Six Steppa’

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