Bobby Lee - Shakedown in Slabtown

MI JUIN 2021

"Worn-denim instrumental psych country." - Raven Sings The BluesRecorded to ¼” tape, Shakedown In Slabtown is a sunscorched ramble through widescreenguitar instrumentalism, down-home gospel, Kosmische repetition and swampy country chooglewith the hiss left in. Bobby is joined by Guy Whittaker (Sharron Kraus, Jim Ghedi, Big Eyes) ondrums and percussion, Mark Armstrong on electric bass and keys plus a primitive drum machinegroove last heard on Suicide's debut or JJ Cale’s early records.Owing as much to The Durutti Column as Ry Cooder, the album takes in stripped backtraditionals, fuzzed out folk funk, Hired Hand-style acoustic vignettes and wide eyed rural rock.In the grand power-trio tradition, the album closes with a live rave up; an 11min+ elongateddeconstruction of Warren Zevon’s Join Me in LA, equal parts Dr John’s Gris Gris, E2E4 andCCR vamp.Bobby is from Sheffield in the UK and the touring bass player for the cosmic-country veterans "Gospel Beach".

lp 27,50