Bobby Oroza - This Love

  "Bobby Oroza’s debut album is exactly what you want to hear from a rising act. Pouring his soul all over the record, Oroza’s vocal stylings will be bouncing around your head all day. Heartbreak has never felt so smooth and comforting. The project flows seamlessly delivering precision musicianship jamming the music that makes Oroza and company tick. By the time the album ends, youll find yourself looking for more. On top of the already underground hit “This Love”, which was sampled by Earl Sweatshirt, the single “Déjà Vu” really captures the energy of this album. Oroza’s approach to songwriting followed by instrumentation that supports his somber narrative separates him from the rest. If this album is the sort of work we can continue to expect, prepare for an exciting career."  SPILL MAGAZINE        
lp 23,50
Ed.Limited color