CHRISTOPHER - Christopher


Christopher were an underground acid rock trio featuring future Josefus drummer Doug Tull. They evolved from United Gas, a psychedelic band from Houston who rubbed shoulders with legends like The 13th Floor Elevators and Moving Sidewalks.After relocating to Los Angeles - where they changed his name to Christopher - they played at numerous biker parties and recorded their sole album in 1970 for the Metromedia label.It’s an amazing example of West Coast psychedelia / acid-rock featuring strong fuzz-wah guitar, great compositions and superb musicianship. It was housed in a terrific cover depicting the band at the same hippie crash-pad where some scenes from the “The Trip” movie were filmed.One of the holy grails of American psychedelic-rock and the rarest album originally released by the collectable Metromedia label.Remastered sound, original artwork, insert with liner notes.Note: This is the only legitimate, fully-authorized vinyl reissue of Christopher in the current market. Beware of inferior, low quality bootlegs.“One of the better LPs in the crowded sub-genre of proto-heavy westcoast hippierock, with mid-period Airplane and Cream the obvious influences. The lyrics are memorable strange” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives)“A great "lost" album from the USA underground, one that grows and grows with repeated listens. Lots of vibrato guitar riffs and creepy vocals a la Frumious Bandersnatch or Framework.” - Clark Faville
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