Tom Ze - Correio Da Estação Do Brãs

Sortie mi-Octobre 2022

Reissued for the first time outside of Brazil.

Tom Zé is considered the most "paulista" of all Tropicalistas. He came from Bahia, but his wry urban poetry, infused with the uncomfortable sounds of the largest metropolis of South America, is pure São Paulo.

The variety of musical genres in the LP – samba, sertanejo, bolero, xote, repente and forró – reflects the cultural diversity of the Brás neighbourhood, a meeting point of Italians, nordestinos, Africans, and latinos.

This reissue includes unseen photos, new testimonials from Tom Zé himself and a lengthy article signed by Bento Araujo, author of the book series Lindo Sonho Delirante.

Away from radio, TV and with live performances increasingly scarce at the end of the seventies, Tom Zé was a risky investment for record labels, agents, and gig promoters. Always eager to please his sense for innovation and his creativity Tom Zé wanted to release an album again after the cult Estudando o Samba (1976). So came this, a record where the tension was at the script, in the distressing real life chronicles that the artist interpreted and reported also in an autobiographic manner. At Correio da Estação do Brás (1978 – 2022) Tom Zé had done what seemed impossible: contemporary working-class music not for the elite but for the people itself.

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