Count Five - Psychotic Reaction


Count Five shot out of San Jose, CA in 1966 with the #5 hit single "Psychotic Reaction" which has gone on to hold pure legendary status as one of the greatest garage rock singles of the golden era; a snotty, loud, out of control cut that shattered glass and pierced eardrums from coast to coast. Though the late, great, Lester Bangs once immortalized them in essay, imagining a world in which the group went on to release several more albums, the reality is that this one album, also titled Psychotic Reaction, is all this particular reality got (and maybe all that it could handle). The group members, still all in their teens when they hit, went off to college, a few more singles were released, but no further full lengths came to pass. Fortunately their one long player is more than just the titular hit, it's a ripping piece of garage-rock history and one of the more consistently enjoyable long-players of the era. A classic title sure to fill the dance floor and offend the squares even now, some 50+ years later.

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