mi mars 2022

Elektro Guzzi from Vienna are back with their new, their ninth album »Triangle«. Since their first, self-titled album in 2010, Elektro Guzzi have been working on a variety of techno that is not programmed on a computer or sequencer, but rather analogously performed by using electric bass (Jakob Schneidewind), drums (Bernhard Breuer) and electric guitar (Bernhard Hammer) and it is techno-music, that arises in the moment of interaction - a music that often develops in the direction of cosmic music. On »Triangle«, Elektro Guzzi overcame the natural, »learned« sound of their instruments. The futuristic concept of techno shines through all the more as a role model - that there is precisely this clear idea of transcending the present by playing a hypnotic, interlocking music of the future. »Triangle« is the logical next step for a band that is always looking for »more«, for departure, for consistency. The forced break of the lockdowns 2020/2021 and the restrictions in the context of the crisis made the band move closer together; on »Triangle«, Elektro Guzzi increased their efficiency to the unbelievable. Tracklist: 1. Hymner 02:00 2. Prototyp 04:20 3. Spiral 05:21 4. Manfrotto 04:27 5. Okra 05:04 6. Teleporter 06:25 7. Acapulco 05:05 8. Omega 02.28

LP,Album 22,50