Evan Wright - Sound From Out The Window

début décembre 2021

Evan Wright’s debut full-length album Sound from out the Window is a shimmering collection of country-tinged indie psychedelia. Recorded, mixed, performed, produced by Wright, the New Jersey-born, New York-based songwriter crafts a self-contained world, both nostalgic and stressed out, a personal and deeply compelling work that continually reveals itself with each listen. Recorded partially in Wright’s New York apartment before Covid caused him to decamp to his parents’ barn in New Jersey for quarantine, Sound From Out The Window is the work of a consummate craftsman, fully in control of his sonic arsenal. “I always enjoyed recording and doing everything by myself,” says Wright. “It gives me a chance to learn something new. Every time I write and record and makes it feel like the music is completely my own.” This determination to create something truly personal led Wright to play every instrument on the record. It also led to a lot of experimentation. “I became really obsessed with manipulating sounds using cassettes and tape,” says Wright. “I also began reamping a lot of instruments, including my voice.” The results form a nuanced and strangely-textured album, with unrecognizable sounds flitting in and out of the background, like the indie western movie soundtrack of your dreams. Electronic and acoustic guitars meld with synth lines with Wright’s half-whispered croon anchoring the music throughout. Edition of 300 copies on ultra clear vinyl.

Lp, Album 33,00