Figure Of Speech - Figure Of Speech

Début novembre 2021

Anti racist Hip Hop / Spoken Word LP produced for my buddy, Bristol’s finest :  Figure Of Speech – BOCA 45mettre le texte de l'artiste qui est sur le pdf svp(pas grand monde va chopper ça en France, moyen de faire un truc)

This is an anti-racist album. I started writing it in 2020. It was after Iperformed one of my poems in reaction to George Floyd’s murder. Motivated by this, Boca 45 and I collaborated, giving voice to my personal experiences and views on racism in Britainand further afield. Fast forward to the completion in 2021, and the saga continues. Further exacerbated by number 10 and it’s ‘politricks’, people are in denial racism exists. Contrary to this, I am called *oon’ on the (so say) liberal streets of Bristol, people standing up for their basic rights are condemned for playing ‘gesture politics’ and structural racism persists (globally).
lp 29,00