Fluxion - Perspectives

AVRIL 2020

Fluxion is an artist with a long standing contribution to the electronic music scene. “Perspectives” is the artist’s 9th full length album under this moniker. His collaborations over the years with top boutique labels, such as Chain Reaction and Echocord records, and his total volume of albums and eps, place him at the forefront of the electronic music scene, for more than 20 years.From avant guard electronic dance music to techno with ambient textures, Fluxion has managed to stay at the forefront producing music that helped shape up a whole scene. “Perspectives” is a more personal album expressing the artist’s state of mind at a specific point in time where the need for change was a necessity.. There are moments in every artistic path, where instead of following a concept, an instinct, a theorem, music becomes the tool that allows you to see and reflect more clearly on your own feelings. Music has this unique ability to talk straight to your inner world, and doesn’t necessarily request the process and the complexities of an analytical mind in order to be understood..It can just be felt. That is at the core of “Perspectives", which sees a release on the artist’s imprint Vibrant Music. This album reflects on moments and moods, but in the process of doing so it manages to balance between listening environments, making it a fine full LP listening experience, and at the same time offering some great club choices, with tracks like “Formation","Glimpses". “Dawn","Glimpses II” and “Cliff” a version of which has been released by XLR8R last year. With “Perspective” Fluxion has no intention to impress, but rather express in a more honest way, and share a moment in time, full of intimate moods, and take us on a journey.. One where feeling the music, is at the center.

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