Gyeongsu - Deficiency

"Deficiency" is the first solo release of Gyeongsu. This record is a collection of 10 songs recorded in the past three years, ideas and sketches initially conceived separately and evoking different moods at the time of birth. Supported by NTS's Ony, Maria Sommerville, Zaltan Antinote, Okonkole Y Trompa ... To the empty-stadium rock opener "after diner not yet" to the buzzing closing "a post", through the fading down cello on "gratitude" to the burgeoning arpeggios of "1,2,3", the record is continuously fournishing elements of guitar in different states of work, juxtaposed on additional drums, bass lines, nebulous voices and samples sometimes reminiscent of a psychedelic state or confused dream with many elements hard to reassemble. All songs have been mixed by Yohann Henry at Plush Space Studio, Paris. Mastered by Lorenzo Targhetta. A1. Gyeongsu - after diner not yet A2. Gyeongsu - gratitude A3. Gyeongsu - il y a dix ou quinze ans A4. Gyeongsu - 18:50 A5. Gyeongsu - hint A6. Gyeongsu - zig?warning A7. Gyeongsu - 1,2,3 A8. Gyeongsu - lapse and beyond A9. Gyeongsu - by the doorstop A10. Gyeongsu - a post
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