HAMADA KINGO - Heart Cocktail

Juillet 2022

Side A 1.Cool Heart 2.Yokaz no Information 3.April Fool 4.Yubae no DOWN TOWN KID Side B 1.SILENT ROUGE 2.SISTER MY LOVE 3.GOOD-BYE, AGAIN 4.Hirusagari no Selection 5.Tokyo COME & GONE

1985 album by Kingo Hamada, one of the leading city pop artists of the 1980s.The album, his sixth album in total, was reissued on analogue vinyl after he changed his name from Hamada to Hamada on the occasion of his first move to Toshiba-EMI in 1985 and released with a fresh start.Contains a total of nine tracks with an urban sound, including the melodious AOR 'April Fool', the urban mellow medium-tempo 'Night Breeze Information' and 'Late Afternoon Selection'.The album is backed up by well-known and talented musicians such as Makoto Matsushita. The jacket illustration is by Watase Seizo and has the same title as the hit series Heart Cocktail.Produced by Kingo Hamada, arranged by Makoto Matsushita.

Lp, Album 49,00