Haruomi Hosono - Music For Films 2020-2021

MAI 2022

Release Notes
  • The live documentary movie ‘’Goodbye America’’ ??will be released on November 12th.
  • Including the new song ‘’Sayonara America, Sayonara Nippon’’ (self-cover of ‘’Happy End’‘) that was recorded at the time of the movie production, this work is the movie ’’NO SMOKING’’ after the documentary movie ‘’NO SMOKING’’ released in 2019. Covers songs used in ‘’Malu Yumeji’‘, Netflix movie ’’She’’, and short movie ‘’+81 FILM (Gravity)’’.
  • All songs will be packaged for the first time, and the movies ’’She’’ and ‘’+81 FILM (Gravity)’’ will be the first sound source.
    Haruomi Hosono’s 3 works released all at once! Covers recent movie music by Haruomi Hosono! What is the theme song of his new live documentary movie ‘’SAYONARA AMERICA’‘? Happy End ’’Goodbye America Goodbye Nippon’’ self-cover ‘’Sayonara America, Sayonara Nippon’’!
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