mi décembre 2022

** LP VERSION ** LIMITED EDITION ** Don't Sleep On This Heat... RH TIP!!!! 6, 2, 11 on battery street. A future studio in Maastricht. Amongst dollheads, plaster and beercan’s we met. A vacant school was Goya’s house when Madba needed a place to stay, during christmas holidays. 4 tracks in 2 days got us seeing red. We went through a desert as a duo with no name and recorded the landscape. A place with synth lines, drum loops and jazz greats. As free as our 14 year old selves, together in various forms of solitude, goodfun, heartache and growing pains, something is emerging. In the distance a vision is approaching. A playground is coming to shape. Goya looks ahead. Madba says, “I see red, IC-RED!”.

lp 21,00

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