Inon Zur - Syberia: The World Before

fin avril 2022

Release Notes
  • Pressed on 2LP Blue / Brown
  • Featuring GRAMMY-nominated Emily Bear on piano.
    Decca Records US is proud to present the original soundtrack to Syberia: The World Before, the fourth installment in the cult adventure video game series Syberia.This soundtrack stands alone as a stunning and romantic suite for orchestra and solo pianist, featuring intricate, highly melodic orchestral works by EMMY-award winning composer Inon Zur, and featuring GRAMMY-nominated Emily Bear on piano.This exquisite 2-LP color vinyl soundtrack from Decca Records US features concept drawings by Benoît Sokal. It is an undeniable collector’s piece and a loving tribute to the Syberiafranchise’s visionary creator.
2LP Blue / Brown 69,00
Original Game Soundtrack