J.G.G. - Temps Mort

fin novembre 2021

Catalan (Barcelona) artist Jordi Gegé started J.G.G. in 2013 to give free rein to his exclusively instrumental delusions. Just as Aladdin does rub his magic lantern, J.G.G. rubs his apparatus of instruments till a mighty ghost of is set free – steady reminiscent of many different kinds of music: mediterranean keyboards, soundtracks of exotic old films, taarab music, proto electronics, Tom Disselvelt’s Fantasy in Orbit or the toy melodies of Pascal Comelade. His current album „Temps Mort“ is out in a collaboration of CUT SURFACE (Vienna) & EDICIONES POPULARES (Barcelona) in Nov, 2021.

J.G.G. on "Temps Mort" "These songs make up a dead time. They have no intention of riding the wave of today, which drags everything down and destroys it. They don’t exist at the centre of anything, because they assume that their place is on the margins. Listening to these songs is, fortunately, a waste of time.This album isn’t captured on a white canvas, because the present is anything but light. Instead, it’s rendered on a black canvas, upon which you can paint whatever you want, even though it may seem useless.„Temps mort“ wishes to reproduce and conjure up the pleasure of lying down with your hands behind your head, humming a melody, while the unstoppable wave of today passes by and leaves us alone doing what we like the most."About the album "Sometimes I like to imagine that J.G.G. is a fan of the conspiracy theories that claim Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landings using the techniques that he developed for 2001. The creative spirits that inhabit the artist's music have the same refracted quality as a memory of a fictional moon landing. It is pop music from a space age that never existed, a place filled with reminisces about blurry, orange and electric sunsets.On his new record, Temps Mort, the catalan artist once again performs a series of sonic tricks that sparkle on the surface of the music, suspended in a kind of slow motion, delighting our ears with both their extravagance and surefootedness. The music that you will find in this LP bubbles with tropical color, and kaleidoscopic howls of mutant dub on each of its curves.I have been road testing this record all summer - I’ve tried it on bad days, terrifying nights, moments of both absolute chaos and of minor epiphany, and I always reach the same conclusion: If you have ears, this album is for you, if some force of nature blessed you with the capacity to hear, these fourteen vignettes will resonate in each of your cells, make the atoms themselves vibrate with joy.In a world which has romanticised Polynesia since the 1950s, where inflatable palm trees float inert in abandoned pools, and where Brian Wilson denies the influence of Ritual of The Savage on Pet Sounds, Temps Mort is a child who rushes fearlessly, head-first down a tumbling water-slide of poly-chromatic influence, alive with powerful rhythmic voltage. We should be waiting at the end with open arms, ready to catch her and fly into her cosmic ballet. " Jorge Páez (Pargueland)
Lp, Album 20,00