An obscure and deep acoustic jazz-funk LP from 1974, remastered and repressed in an edition of only 300 copies ! “Profile” is the first and only Ken Rhodes LP as a leader. This intimate and rare recording captures an explosive concoction between blues, jazz and a touch of funky swing. Though an acoustic performance, this LP offers overwhelming grooves, breaks as well as introspective moments . The upbeat and funky titile track “The Profile” forshadows the raw grooves of the session.The composition is driven by Rhode’s very soulful and bluesy improvasitions in a colorful dialogue with Joachim Knauer’s percussive and obsessive bassline which embraces the funky rhymthms of George Greene. However, this raw “in-your-face” formula is beautifully constrated in “Nothing New” and the piano solo “Robyn’s Lullaby” where the trio slows down to play deep, dreamy and hazy tunes.

lp 27,50