King Champion Sounds - Between Two Worlds


‘Hive Mind Records are excited to announce a new album from King Champion Sounds, the shifting Holland based collective centred around Ajay Saggar and Oli Heffernan (University Challenged), GW Sok (The Ex), Mees Siderius, Holly Habstritt Gaal & Elsa van der Linden.On “Between Two Worlds”, the band bring the same insatiable appetite for experimentation and exploration that made their previous four albums so special. This is music as an open conversation. An opportunity to exchange ideas. To be open-minded. To push boundaries and explore new worlds. Whereas elements of krautrock, electronica, free jazz and dub have always been part of the KCS armoury, they have never stuck to a formula in the music making process, occupying instead the open space that lies between musical worlds. The core members have brought their different experiences into this rich new album that draws influence and inspiration from a dizzying range of sources - from ambient guitar experiments, noisy avant-rock workouts, spidery gothic pop, otherworldly folk inflections - and pulls them all together into a unique and coherent whole.Guest appearances on the album come from Gerry Love (formerly of Teenage Fanclub) adding beautiful vocals and instrumentation to "I'm In Between Two Worlds", Mia Doi Todd bringing her incredible voice to "Easby Abbey Remembered", Sally Timms of The Mekons takes lead vocals on "Thou Hurricane" with Jon Langford (The Mekons) and Janet Beveridge Bean (Eleventh Dream Day) on backing vocals. Finally, the Glasgow poet Marieke McKenna brings words from her diary to “Seasick” on which she recalls a surreal escape to a millionaires yacht and the stark contrast it provided to the"real" world outside.We're very excited to help bring this urgent, transcendent and wonderfully varied music out into the world in a beautifully designed gatefold package.’

2LP 33,00