fin décembre 2021

The best masterpiece of GOSPEL sound source is decided to be repressed! The biggest listening place is “I’LL STILL LOVE YOU”, which is familiar as the material of Buddha brand’s “Human Power Station” which has been made classic as the highest peak song of JAPANESE HIP HOP for many years since its release. This is a MELLOW GOSPEL song that is familiar as a cover of the 1975 work of the famous gospel soul writer ANDRE CROUCH. In addition, popular song collections such as “FIRST TIME WE MET” and “WHAT KIND OF THE WORLD” are also recorded, and the soulful performance completed to the extent that it can not be thought of as GOSPLE ALBUM, the high quality of each song I was surprised The content is studded with wonderful songs that are fully responsive from up to slow. In addition to the happy release on the PEACOCK label, we will deliver it in the original obi of the “EXTRAVAHANZA” series !
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