LÄUTEN DER SEELE - Läuten der Seele

repress pour JUIN 2022

Behind the moniker Laüten der Seele (Loudness of the Soul) comes the eponymous debut-album from Christian Schoppik, half of the critically acclaimed experimental dark folk duo Brannten Schnüre from Wurzburg (DE).This first solo work is composed of 12 abstract audio collages based on transformed sampled loops from German 50’s Heimatfilme features -a popular domestic genre involving rural settings, romantic tone and simplistic morality, centered on love, friendship and family-  jazzed up with a vast selection of instruments such as accordion, guitar, keyboard, flute and everyday objects sporadically used as percussive elements.Schoppik’s new offering is a surreal -at times epic- and deep listening adventure into half dream/half nightmare atmospheres of nostalgia and bittersweetness, supported by a sonic aesthetic masterfully crafted from start to finish.

Album, LP, Vinyle 22,50

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