Legowelt - Dark Day

fin février 2022

As days prolong darker, walls come seeping in for the solitary resident. A collection of early Legowelt tracks, found on old dusty tapes assumed a long time gone. All tracks recorded between 1992-1997. First time ever on vinyl and fully remastered. Pressed on three slices of black wax and inserted in black sleeves with an eerie story. *new artwork*01 Lego Resistance.mp3 02 The Building Blocks Of Life.mp3 03 Svolvaer.mp3 04 Nowhere Track.mp3 05 Techno Madchen.mp3 06 An Obnoxious Affair On Tape.mp3 07 Myst.mp3 08 Airplanes In The Rain.mp3 09 Are You Really So Deep.mp3 10 Sleeping In The Window.mp3 11 Silent Service.mp3 12 Decay Dream.mp3 13 Furniture.mp3 14 Wir Lebten In Miniland.mp3

3xLP, Album 29,00