Madteo - Head Gone Wrong By Noise


01. Since Man Crawled Out Of The Slime 02. Big Stack Attack 03. Know Fun 04. Deserts Of Social Isolation 05. Freeze The Cheese 06. They Rolled Over For Him And He Rolled Over Them 07. Character Assassinations Repairs 08. People Impersonating Persons 09. Not This, Not That


Visceral, elemental, electronic funk, conjured from scraps of sound, breath, mutterings, dubwise remembrances, scuffling, sweat and blood, thin air — ‘crawled out of the slime’, as the opener puts it, self-engendering like the baddie in Terminator — all harnessed to cruelly grooving earthquake bass and b-boy drum science.Rhythmically it has ants in its pants and it needs to dance, with an improvisatory, streetwise nervous energy and uninhibited, purposeful rapture, crossed with on-song Pepe Bradock and stripped-to-the-bone, mongrel hip-hop.It’s unruly and edgy, a bit off its rocker, emotionally ranging — typically anxious, often nostalgic — and riveting dance music.Mastering by D&M; first-class Pallas pressing; stunning gatefold artwork by Will Bankhead.

lp 26,50

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