Makeup And Vanity Set - Overpass

sortie fin juillet 2021

Release Notes
  • Pressed on Red Vinyl
  • New Album from Makeup And Vanity Set
  • Artwork by Mizucat
  • “Hypnotic” – PCGamer
    Futuristic skylines with an 80s-influenced soundtrack – this is Overpass, now available on vinyl from Ship to Shore PhonoCo.! Makeup And Vanity Set tackle the Rhythm Action video game genre with Overpass, a critically acclaimed adventure from Studio Bean where the music is as integral to gameplay as the visuals themselves. Invoking the atmosphere of modern classic film soundtracks with that synth edge – Drive, Lost River, Turbo Kid – yet managing to keep it fun and free, Makeup And Vanity Set have created an album that transcends its roots as a video game soundtrack to become a bonafide triumph in its own rights. Overpass is a must-listen for all aficionados of electronica, whether they have played the game or not.
lp 27,50
Original Video Game Soundtrack