Makeup And Vanity Set - Sentinels

fin octobre 2022

Release Notes
  • As heard on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things 4
  • New release from acclaimed independent musician Makeup and Vanity Set
    As heard on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present Makeup and Vanity Set’s “Sentinels” on 7" vinyl! Having scored video games, podcasts, film and more, Makeup and Vanity Set is quickly establishing themselves as one of the premier composers of the ambient-synth genre. Filled with undulating and hooky synth lines, “Sentinels” is a very welcome addition to the Stranger Things synth-laden universe. Backed with the contrastingly upbeat, punchy track “Mind Sync,” don’t miss out on this very limited release!
7" Blue Swirl 25,00