Malena Zavala - La Yarará


La Yarará is the sophomore LP from Argentinian-born London-based artist Malena Zavala. Written and self-produced, the album was recorded over two hot weeks in August 2019 in London's Urchin Studios and mixed alongside Strongroom's Gareth Jones. The record is a departure from her previous works, as Zavala progresses her psychedelic sound further down her Latin roots. La Yarará withholds 10 mesmeric and arresting tracks all influenced by different musical practices from across the South American continent. The album features singles lead single 'En la Noche', which combines traditional cumbia rhythms with lysergic guitars and a swirling ambient production, the evocative, bluesy lament, 'I'm Leaving Home' and the fiery and sinuous and energetic 'La Yarará'.

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