MIZUKI KOYAMA - Angel’s Dream


A1. He is no match for me A2. Rainy Doll A3. She Knows Everything A4. Kiss Me Once Again B1. Oh! Daddy B2. Don't Stop Love B3. Conceited Lonely Cats B4. Poor Guy B5. River Side Café Japanese BOOGIE - The first analog reissue of the urban city pop classic! The first analog reissue of the debut album released in 1985 by the talented singer Mizuki Koyama, who also played in the inimitable lounge band SAFARI, with the specifications as close as possible to those of the time! The album was designed by Hiroshi Shinkawa, who introduced the most advanced bracon sound of the time and designed the album with an urban yet songful feel. The funky melody of He Can't Get Away With It, composed by Kyohei Tsutumi, and the Japanese boogie number "Oh! Daddy," penned by Toshinobu Kubota, are true highlights of the album.

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