Mori Ra - Mm Discos 13

AVRIL 2021

It's an honor for us to i ntroduce you to one of the artists that has i nfluenced us the most since we started our story back i n 2015. I still remember l istening to the first edits that Mori-Ra posted on his soundcloud page and since then, here at MM Discos we've always had an eye on every single thing that he has put on the streets. Obsessed digger and one of Japan's most esteemed collectors, Osaka's based dj Mori Ra must be one of the most determinate artists on the scene. His Vast knowledge of l ocal and i nternational music has developed his wide ranging style. An artist that flees from fashions, vinyl l over and a true tastemaker. Eclecticism i s probably the word that i t could define him better; Disco, Balearic, New Age, New Wave, Jazz, Rock, Experimental and everything i n between should be expected on his sets and edits, blending all this genres and breaking all the rules i n order to keep the dancers and music l overs on their toes and grooving. Mori Ra's MM Discos 13 i s the result of the continuous and relentless exploration for years of thousands of ( almost) forgotten records, regardless of genre and author. A work not suitable for all tastes, unclassifiable and highly addictive.

ep 15,00