début janvier 2020

TRIPLE Vinyl Album.   500 limited vinyl copies with absolutely no repress. **Orders are LIMITED to 1 per customer due to limited availability.** The triad of MBD brings an entirely different approach with numerous vocal appearances and raw funkiness. The kind of sound that brings images of dark and dirty city streets to mind that would not feel out of place as the soundtrack for an cult 80s film about about street gangs i.e. the Duke from Escape From New York...or Style Wars. The Wave and House sounds are present but then there’s distorted walking bass guitars and snapping drums give it this more swampy sound, and also the more punk rock sound of The Stooges or The Cramps. This release is the feeling of listening to a band and not just some guys who are making electronic music. This is an excellent juxtaposition of styles that is effective in both manners... Tote Kammer Straight up electropunk, hints of DAF or even Im Names Des Volkes. No idea what the vocals are about nor does it matter, the opening song presents a creeped out atmospheric layer to the wall of heavy synth sounds. Tunin Within The Maze A Psychedelic Newbeat trip that’s musically confusing in a good way. Spy vs. Spy Is fast and frantic, a chase scene through a subway station. Something out of the classic films The American Friend or Marathon Man. Prayer 4 Heaven This idea of higher forces, or good and bad voices speaking to us, whispering in ears is a bit of a theme running throughout the album that works.  This is some strange netherworld of wave, deep organ house, that one cannot catagorize...swirled together in a way that has a possessed level of feeling. Drug Psychedelik There is no vocal on this production because it does the job of pushing your mind into another zone, the way the acid lines with the space echo layer over the looping hypnotic bass losing your minds in the twilight zone. Sinister Goes to this theme of possessed voices, real dark but also funky. Body jacking music. Water Vapor This is bong funk.  The bassline with the drums is catchy and funky as hell that goes on for 10 minutes Tough Music Workout! Whutz Punk This dirty as hell guitar and simple drum pattern, iz punk as more layers of screeching synth and drum fills in that takes the listener in a more mellow mood. The elements on their own are super weird but together works and again its funky. Water Vapor Funk Dubb Plays out at the end like an encore. That bassline vibe with alternate drum grooving rides the mood til the end.
3xLP 55,00

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