NCY Milky Band - Burn’IN

Release date: May 4th 2021

  Tracklist: A1 Magic Polo A2 L’Ombre d’un Homme A3 Burn’in A4 Love Alert A5 Chercher La Magie I A6 Politricks B1 Gotham B2 Plus Profond B3 Young Fiasco B4 Chercher La Magie II B5 MermozDescription:This is the debut album from the Nancy-based quartet NCY Milky Band. The four musicians deliver unique jazz experiments at the crossroads of 70's french groove and modern electronica. The album covers a wide range of moods, switching from cheerful anthems with goofy synths to slow jams in which the saxophone breezes a deep feeling of nostalgia. With Burn’in, NCY Milky Band are bringing a refreshing and original touch to the upcoming french jazz scene.
lp 17,00