Os mutantes - Live At Teatro De Arena De Ribeirao Preto 8 August 1978

mi février 2022

Sérgio Dias, the only remaining original member, led the band until its dissolution in 1978. During this time, they released one more studio album, a live album and an EP. Two unreleased albums were released many years later, the aforementioned O A e o Z and Tecnicolor recorded in 1970 and released in 2000. Here’s a brilliant performance of the band just before they disbanded embracing a more solid prog-rock vibe. Tracklist A1 Fruitificar A2 Semante Da Paixao A3 Aurora Boreal A4 Mensageiro Da Ladeira B1 Genesis B2 Amanhecer B3 Paranoia C1 Te Encontrar C2 Cidadao Da Terra C3 Magia E Coraçao D1 Do Que Vale Meu Rock’n’Roll D2 Rock’n'Roll City

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