Power House - Blues No Shinsei -Power House Toujou

"Powerhouse's S/T album from 1969 is one of the rarest Japanese vinyl records out there. The album was originally released as a red vinyl only and nowadays it's an incredibly valuable collector's item. This band is probably best known for their guitarist Shinki Chen who is a legendary figure in the Japanese psych/prog rock history. The album consists of cover versions of some famous Western songs. The band sounds pretty nice with their bluesy style. There are some psychedelic influences as well and the singing is kinda funny. Of course this album isn't anything very unique or original since all of the tracks are covers. " https://johnkatsmc5.blogspot.com/2017/06/powerhouse-powerhouse-1969-japan-psych.html
12inch 55,00
JAPAN RECORD DAY 3 novembre 2020

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