Propo'88 & Kick Back - Propo’88 & Kick Back - Cosmic Trippin’

printemps 2022

Blunted Astronaut presents "Cosmic Trippin' (10th Anniversary Edition)" by Propo'88 & Kick Back from the production team of Da Shogunz.

Da Shogunz are a European Hip-Hop crew based in the Netherlands. This LP is comprised of instrumentals and vocal tracks created in traditional ways of Hip-Hop production, reminiscent of the times when the culture thrived. It features MC's the duo has worked with in and outside of Da Shogunz. The vocal section is blessed by BlabberMouf, EllMatic & RawBerry from Holland, Simple One & Mr. Nylson from Germany, K Banger from the US, and Self from Canada. On the B-side there are six exclusive instrumental head-nodders. In a time where mediocrity and corporate interference overflow the music industry, one should admire Propo's and Kick Back's dedication to being true to the culture, and to listeners worldwide.
12” Black vinyl 33,00
10th Anniversary Edition

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