Rett Madison - Pin-Up Daddy


"Pin-Up Daddy" is a collection of songs written by Rett Madison in her early twenties in which she explores sexuality, identity, religious trauma, grief and growing up in West Virginia. With the support and encouragement of producer Theo Katzman, Madison began recording this album in Michigan in 2018 with fellow collaborators Joe Dart (Vulfpeck), Lee Pardini (Dawes), and Katzman himself on drums. Other contributors include Brian Robert Jones (Bass for "Pin-Up Daddy") Harrison Whitford (Guitar for "Kerosene) Annlie Huang (Mixing) Jake Birch (Mixing for track one, "Pin-Up Daddy") Devin Kerr (Mastering) Tyler Duncan (Engineer) Pete Min (Engineer) Miriam Cortez (Artwork) Wes O'Connor (Graphic Design)

lp 33,00