RINO DE FILIPPI - Nel Mondo Del LAvoro

avril 2022

We proudly announce the first ever reissue of this quintessential, oustanding Italian Library grail, originally released on Sermi label in 1972. Highly-regarded album and considered a masterpiece of the genre, "Nel Mondo Del Lavoro" (also released at the time with the title "World At Work" on Conroy) is one of the most precious and beatiful works conceived by the Italian maestro Rino De Filippi, and originally used for the soundtrack of the Rai-TV documentary series "SAPERE: IL PETROLIO". Music is written and composed by the maestro backed by the great I MARC 4 studio ensemble and accompained by I Cantori Moderni di A.Alessandroni with breathless scats, insane arrangements and unbelievable, unique and complex mood music from Jazz to Lounge, Bossa Nova and more. A real monster of record that best catches the library music job in adding music to films and documentaries. A1. BENESSERE INDUSTRIALE A2. COMPLESSO TESSILE A3. EDILIZIA A4. INGRANAGGI A5. LAVORO RIPETITIVO A6. CALCOLATORE ELETTRONICO B1. AGRARIA B2. FUSIONI METALLICHE B3. COLTIVAZIONI B4. ALTOFORNO B5. MONTAGGIO A CATENA B6. ROTAIE

Vinyl LP 29,00

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