Rodger WILHOIT - The ‘Social World’ of Rodger Wilhoit

sortie fin avril 2021

COUNTRY / HARDCORE HONKY TONK • Ultra rare country / hardcore honky-tonk masterpiece from 1974 • All original songs and a beyond essential shoulda-been-country-music-classic • Carefully restored and remastered sound. • Extensive liner notes by Grammy Award winner Colin Escott • Deluxe gatefold sleeve • Printed inner sleeve • Illustrated with rare photos from private photoalbums. • Expanded with bonus tracks Country music has chased piety, poetry, and much else, but The Social World is unapologetic hardcore, beer-sodden country music reduced to its core values. No faking. No pretension. Spare, unornamented, and straight from the heart, the songs on the “Social World” of Rodger Wilhoit are all that’s holy and true in beerhall country music. The instrumentation is only as full as it needs to be. The singing is careworn and deeply sincere. There’s nothing tentative or lukewarm in Wilhoit’s music. It isn’t going to meet you halfway. It seems that there’s always more to discover. Most copies of Social World and Rodger’s singles were probably sold off the bandstand 40 or 50 years ago. They were among the thousands of records by local artists on local labels sold off local bandstands all across the country. Most ended up in garage sales, thrift shops, or landfill. But every so often, an artist will be resurrected, and find a new audience. Rodger Wilhoit is one such singer. At a time when most mainstream Nashville country music sounds so contrived and empty, it takes an artist like Rodger Wilhoit to remind us what it’s really all about. Remastered and restored sound. Extensive liner notes. Richly illustrated with many rare photos Side A: 1. When I Climb Back Up To The Living 2. My Shoes Are Not That Hard To Fill 3. Social World 4. Since 1959 5. The Smell Of Strange Perfume 6. The Fire Burns Again 7. All The Comforts Of Home Side B: 1. Eyes With That Hungry Look 2. The Touch Of Gold 3. I’ve Spent My Time In Hell Loving You 4. Inner Circles Of Chicago 5. My Effort Will Bear The Fruit 6. Mighty Band Of Gold 7. God Is Not Dead (I Spoke To Him Today)

lp 27,50