Simon Lovermann - Handwerke

mi novembre 2021

Record sleeve with transparent patch pocket holding one out of 16 postcards creating an individual cover20-page booklet featuring contributions by 16 visual artistsSimon Lovermann‘s debut album „Handwerke – Songs for my fathers“ is focused around the piano, both as a harmonic and a percussive instrument. It is influenced by Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop and Minimal Music. The beats are created with the piano and are enriched with body-percussion and beatbox to create an idiosyncratic atmosphere and distinctive sound.The album deals with the personal story of the artist. Simon’s biological father, Robert, was a Jazz musician and died before his birth. Simon was raised by his father Christian. This album is therefore a vividly emotional way for him to explore topics like death, fatherhood, family, identity and belonging.„Handwerke“ comes with a special artwork and cover design, featuring contributions by 16 artists printed on individual postcards and assembled in a 20-page booklet.The release is a collaboration of Der Greif and Squama Recordings.

lp 25,00