Sokabe Keiichi - Loveless Love


Just before year 2020 comes to an end, Sokabe Keiichi (Sunny Day Service) released this brand new solo album digitally. This is the follow-up to "Heaven" (2018), after which was also released greatest hits album "The Best Of Keiichi Sokabe -The Rose Years 2004-2019-" (CDJapan).

In 2020, two singles were released ahead of this new album —"eikyū Mint kikan" on 12" (CDJapan) and 7" one-sider "sensō hantai ondo" (CDJapan)— and also a live album titled "Live In Heaven" in October on CD (CDJapanJet Set) and LP (CDJapanJet Set). Sunny Day Service also released album "iine!" last March.

lp 75,00