Temple Solaire, France - Voyage Spectral

fin novembre 2021

Split LP, 300 copies. Offset printed ultra-glossy cover with Pantone 877C, offset printed Pantone 877C labels. Released Novembre 2021 in coproduction with Mayo Records, Le Cri De La Harpe, Standard In-FI and Desastre.Lazer-beam ultra-raw, all-hail!-low-fidelity tape recordings of a memorable night in Saint Etienne where both bands shared the bill. The split LP features both band's full set, respectively 25 minutes (Temple Solaire) and 40 minutes (France)!!!Temple Solaire is a raw-stoner trio starring local Le Club Des Gens Spéciaux's co-founder Bertrand Gaude on voice and electric guitar (aka Tamagawa), Mathieu Tilly from France (playing two sets every night on that tour!!!) and non-other than Saint-Etienne legendary bass player Bariz, freshly arriving in the roster after Nicolas Tilly's departure. France play a rare 2006-era 5-beat-measure that night (reminiscent of the first LP's pattern) in a smoke-saturated and dephased-strobe-soaked live-house... Epic!Recorded on a stereo-tape-recorder by Jeremie Sauvage on the 20th of December 2013 in Saint-Etienne Mixed by Thomas Robyn Cut by Daniel Krieger Cover artwork and typography by Druid High

LP,Album 21,00