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FIRST PRESSING /// HEAVY 180G VINYL !¡!¡!¡! After two EPs, The Fearless Flyers are ready for a full length !¡!¡!¡! SIDE A Nate Smith is the Ace of Aces Introducing Delta Force Assassin Ambush Colonel Panic SIDE B The Birdwatcher Adrienne and Adrianne Kenni and the Jets Kauai The Speedwalker !¡!¡!¡! Big Sax, Little Sax, Normal Sax !¡!¡!¡! Horn arrangements by hornheads' Michael Nelson. !¡!¡!¡! Olympic Funk !¡!¡!¡! Stoic yet panicked. !¡!¡!¡! Limited supply ... Reserve yours !¡!¡!¡!

lp 33,00
First Pressing

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