The Tennors - Do The Reggay Dance (RSD)

Do The Reggay Dance showcases the first time all (but one) of the featured songs have been on vinyl since they were first released on now impossibly rare 45 singles.  The songs were mastered by legendary reissue engineer Gary Hobish and designed by Barbara Bersche, the designer behind last year’s Grammy-winning historic package Voices of Mississippi. Side A 1. Sign Of The Times (The Tennors), 2. Do The Reggay Dance (The Tennors), 3. San Sebastian (Clive’s All Stars), 4. (Born To Be A) Sufferer (The Tennors), 5. Little Things (The Tennors), 6. Massie Massa (The Tennors), 7. Yesterday (Jackie Bernard and The Tennors) Side B 1. You Don’t Recognize Me (Jackie Bernard and The Tennors), 2. I Am Just A Minstrel (Jackie Bernard and The Tennors), 3. Shame Face (Monty Morris), 4. Deportation (Cause Botheration) (Monty Morris), 5. He Is Back (Say I'm Back) (Monty Morris), 6. Wonder Of Your Love (The Inspirations), 7. Tribute To Don Drummond (Vin Gordon)
lp 27,00
Red Vinyl, liner notes, limited to 500, indie advance exclusive

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