I met Thomas Roussel in 2017 at a Pigalle fashion show in Paris. As always with Stéphane Ashpool, the designer of Pigalle, casting is perfect and the clothes are modern and groundbreaking. But my eyes and ears were intrigued by this retro-futuristic instrument next to me, the Cristal Baschet. French composer and conductor Thomas Roussel wrote the soundtrack of the show. He add this magnificent instrument in his "not very classical" orchestra, this is what I immediately loved with him! He invited us into his world of classical music with a fresh twist, simplicity and audacity. At the same time I was scratching my head to find something different to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ed Banger records. For a long time I had this idea of mixing both electronic and classical music together. Exactly like my heroes Metallica did in 1999 with the Symphonic orchestra of San Francisco! Thomas Roussel seems the perfect man for this crazy idea. We did Ed Banger 15 together and we became friends. Thomas Roussel grew up in Dijon, spent his days at the conservatory and his nights at L’An-Fer, one of the most respected Techno club in France. Probably the reason why he ended up working with Jeff Mills, on two projects mixing Jeff’s 909 and a classical orchestra. By experimenting new ways of using an orchestra, by creating state-of-the-art scenography and producing more ambitious music he quickly became the man in charge of everything "classica". The list of his collaborations is too long and will ruin this little introduction. It could sounds like this : Chanel, Apple, Cartier, Kenzo, Nike, Dior… Performing from Paris to Macau, from Monte Carlo to Dubai and from New York to Beijing! In 2017 Thomas Roussel released his first album as Prequell with Universal Music. A successful collaboration that really allows Thomas Roussel to become an artist. In 2022 Ed Banger records is proud to release Thomas Roussel "LATE METAL" a 3 tracks EP. Where uplifting orchestration and electronic music composing collide. The perfect soundtrack of a block buster movie mixing George Lucas & Christopher Nolan generations. It’s also a marker of our time, music boundaries are explosing. It’s time to hear the London Symphony Orchestra’s strings battling with a Drum’n’Bass beat, a way to DEIFIED classical music. It’s also a record for your eyes. Art director Andy Picci created an algorthym and gave life to a mercury abstract form. This collaboration marks the need for Thomas Roussel to always push the boundaries and take his project to another LEVEL.

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