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Tinariwen, Amassakoul, 2LP Indigo Vinyl

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début avril 2022

Tinariwen’s breakthrough album originally released in 2004, now remastered and
repackaged with a bonus unreleased track, exclusive photos and brand-new liner
notes. The first vinyl pressing is limited edition indigo vinyl – only 3000 copies
worldwide and the download card provides 24-bit WAV. Amassakoul features
songs from Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni, Touhami Ag Alhassane.
Tinariwen are Tuaregs, children of a nomadic Berber tribe who have roamed the
Saharan desert for thousands of years. Over recent centuries, colonialism has
seen the Tuareg’s ancestral territory partitioned into distinct countries – Mali,
Algeria, Libya, Niger. This drawing of borders has turned the Tuareg into ishumar,
a displaced people in search of a homeland lost to them. Tinariwen’s music – a
blend of West African traditional music and electrified rock’n’roll – speaks directly
to this feeling of longing: a sound that critics have called “desert blues”.

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2xVinyle, Album, Indigo, LP


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