Tomohiko Kira - Evil Dead Trap

AOUT 2022

WRWTFWW Records is terrified to announce the first ever vinyl release for the soundtrack of 1988 J-horror cult movie Evil Dead Trap, available as a super limited edition double-sided picture disc LP. 500 copies were pressed and only 350 are being distributed to stores…that dare to carry it!WARNING! What you are about to hear cannot be unheard! At last! The scariest soundtrack ever released on vinyl!Fans of horror movies, rejoice, here is the never-released before Evil Dead Trap (Original Soundtrack) by Tomohiko Kira, a gruesome ride of spooky synths and devilish soundscapes, in the pure tradition of 80s terror. It’s minimalistic John Carpenter with a Tokyo underground twist, it’s basement giallo vibes with buckets of slasher blood, it’s EVIL DEAD TRAP, the scariest soundtrack ever released!Enter now...AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Lp, Album White 33,00

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